Mexico Homeowners Insurance Eligibility

What type of property is eligible for Mexico Homeowners Insurance. This is a question we often hear. Let’s discuss this.

Mexico Homeowners Insurance
Beach Home in Mexico Destroyed by Hurricane

Eligible Mexico Property Types

Single Family homes are eligible for Mexico Homeowners Insurance. Regardless of makeup or location in Mexico, single-family homes are eligible.

Condo Units are eligible. Individual condo units, for single-family occupancy, but not the complex itself.

Single Family Townhomes are also eligible for Homeowners coverage

All and any of the above can also be used for Airbnb or other rental property and still be eligible for Mexico Homeowners Insurance.

Homes Eligible for Mexico Home Insurance
Row Homes, Townhomes and Condos ARE eligible, but Complexes, Apartments, and Commercial Buildings are NOT

Not Eligible for Mexico Homeowners

Multi-Family dwellings, including duplexes and triplexes, are not eligible for this program. Neither are commercial buildings such as apartment buildings, bed & breakfasts, or hotels and motels.

Mexico States Map
Mexico Coverage in all 32 States

Locations for eligibility of Mexico Homeowners Insurance

Coverage throughout Mexico is available, in all 32 states including the Yucatan Peninsula. There was a moratorium on Yucatan homeowners insurance for many years following the devastation of Isidore which caused $1.2 billion in damage. Now again you can purchase insurance on eligible properties anywhere in Mexico but if you wait until a hurricane is bearing down be it might be too late. The insurance company can place a moratorium for up to 48 hours prior to landfall, and up to 48 hours after the storm leaves. So, if you wait until forecasters tell you a storm is coming, it might already be too late.

For the full terms and conditions of the Mexico Homeowners Insurance eligibility click here.

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